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May 12, 2013 posted by 15 Pictures

15 Pictures - Roller Coasters

15 Pictures – Roller Coasters


You either love it or you don’t ; Roller Coasters! These thrilling rides of a lifetime give most of the people an adrenaline rush found no other place. For me they cannot be high enoudg, fast enough, crazy enough or scary enough. The faster, crazier, higher the better ! These man made constructions are the highlight of a visit to an amusement park for me!

Here are some fun facts about Roller Coasters
The first roller coaster dates back from the 1800′s, and has since then developed to what we have today.
The fastest roller coaster has a maximum speed of a whopping 149 MP/H or 239 KM/H !
The tallest roller coaster has a maximum altitude of 465 feet or 142 meters !
The longest roller coaster has a lenght of 8133 feet or 2478 meters!
The most roller coasters in one amusement park is 17 ! 17 Different roller coasters in one park! That park is : Ceder Point in Ohio

After these fun facts I am ready to go on my next ride ! But first, Imma enjoy these 15 Pictures of roller coasters !

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