May 7, 2013 posted by 15 Pictures

15 Pictures - Owls

15 Pictures – Owls


Most of you only know owls from the Harry Potter books and movies. Harry had a white snowy owl as a pet, and that is about as much as people often know about owls.. If you think about them, they are quite scary. Why you think ? Well, they can blend in perfectly in nature making them practically invincible, they can turn their heads around and look behind them, they have very strong claws, a beak that you certainly do not want to feel in your arm, lets not forget their always angry look and those eyes that look right thru your soul.. How ever these animals look majestic, they are real beauties, and when still baby birds, they actually look pretty cute..

Here are 15 Pictures of these beautiful monsters and also a few adorable baby owls!

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