May 9, 2013 posted by 15 Pictures

15 Pictures - Formula 1

15 Pictures – Formula 1


Speed, noise, precision, tracks, pitstop and babes.. those are 6 words that come into my mind when thinking about Formula 1. The incredible speed that those cars reach, that sharp noise that they produce, the precision that the drivers must have to make that perfect curve not to slow so the opponent can take your position, and not to fast that they just cannot make the curve with that speed and crash, the pitstops where they do so many things in so little time is just simply amazing and the hot F1 babes that are walking around in either thight leather suits or very short shorts either way very hot looking !  I’m not a big fan of F1, but I do respect this racing because it shows a lot of discipline and dedication to be as good as the top of the F1.   Here are 15 Pictures of; racing cars, future, present and past, pitstops, tracks, crashes and babes !


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